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Q. What are the legal implications of having an inaccessible website?

A. In the United States, if your website is breaking ADA accessibility rules, the fines range from $55,000 to $75,000. Repeat offenders incur higher fines of about $150,000. Read More about Ada website accessibilitycompliance

Q. What content needs to be made accessible and to what standards?

A. All digital content made available through websites, email distribution, mobile apps and through any other electronic distribution needs to be made accessible according to the WCAG guidelines established by the W3C.

Q. I have a lot of staff that need web accessibility training. How can I train them all without a huge budget allowance?

Eliquo’s FlexPass was designed to help organizations who face this exact challenge. You will be shocked at how affordable providing wide-spread training to small groups or entire department can be.